Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) is a missions agency established by the Christian Reformed Church to help the church's congregations take part in fulfilling the Great Commission. A bi-national agency, CRWM partners with nearly 1,100 CRC congregations in Canada and the United States.

Our ministry focuses on the empowerment and equipping of others. Our methodology is to work towards transformation through worldview change, namely, change from a culturally defined worldview to a biblical worldview, and the development of action plans that makes the learning practical and highly contextual.

We also recognize that God is doing great work among other organizations and individuals around the world to proclaim the Gospel and promote healthy churches, and we strive to partner with them when possible to advance God's Kingdom. “Partnering” includes engagement in project-oriented partnerships and also participation in networks and movements for Gospel-shaped individual and societal transformation. In all of our ministries, CRWM partners with Christian Reformed churches and individuals and we also partner with churches and Christian organizations around the world, whenever possible.

Another important feature of our ministry is to strengthen the global church. The Great Commission of our Lord was directed at the whole body of Christ.  The Church is God’s feet, hands and mouth to go into all the world, to serve in His love and to share the good news of the Kingdom so that disciples will be made in all nations.