CRWM exists to glorify God by leading the CRC to respond obediently to our Lord’s commission to witness to the good news of God’s Kingdom and make disciples of all nations.



We see the CRCNA vigorously participating in Spirit-led mission with churches and other Christian organizations throughout the world so that together we are proclaiming the Gospel to more and more people who have not heard it, healthy churches are emerging and the Kingdom of God is advancing.



We value faith in God and passion for God’s mission in the world

  • We mirror the Father’s desire to reach the lost.
  • We obey Jesus’ command to be His witnesses, proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples.
  • We depend on the Holy Spirit’s power to transform individual and community life through interaction with the triune God.

We value a confessionally Reformed understanding of God’s Word

  • We proclaim Christ as the only way to be reconciled to God and His sovereignty over all.
  • We proclaim the Word in faith that God, through His Spirit, will use this proclamation to penetrate cultures and enable people to accept the Gospel.
  • We train missionaries to carry out ministries holistically.
  • We serve God from a Reformed worldview.

We value the body of Christ

  • We recognize ourselves as one part of the Body of Christ serving with the rest of the Body in mission.
  • We are compelled by God’s call to His Church to be an agent of His Kingdom in the whole world.
  • We encourage and challenge the Church worldwide to live out an integral mission.
  • We serve the Body of Christ around the world by connecting God’s people locally, nationally and internationally for proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples of all nations.

We value proclaiming the Gospel to people who have not heard it

  • We make unreached peoples a ministry priority.
  • We maximize the ministry potential of the Church and other Christian institutions to love and reach out to those who have not heard the Gospel.

We value the image of God in all people and the humility that opens us up to respect, learn from and grow with them

  • We ensure that all our partnerships are beneficial for mutual learning and for the exchange of ministry resources.
  • We dismantle racism and address other abuses of power within our context and work with our partners to address these abuses in their contexts.
  • We hold peace and justice to be integral parts of the good news and essential to the witness of the Church to a world in desperate need.

We value being a caring community

  • We work for the well-being of all World Missions’ employees and their families.
  • We are mutually accountable.
  • We place high priority on teams and teamwork.
  • We model leadership which serves.
  • We develop good relational skills.

We value sustainability

  • We live out a radical dependency on God, nurtured through prayer.
  • We use structures and strategies that adapt to our changing context and make best use of our unique gifts.
  • We work with individuals and organizations in ways that minimize their unhealthy dependence on the CRCNA for human or material resources.
  • We ensure the identification, enhancement and use of locally available human and material resources.

 We value contextualization

  • We encourage partner churches and Christian organizations to contextualize the gospel.
  • We encourage partner churches and Christian organizations to create their own structures and guiding documents so that they are indigenous in character and in practice.
  • We promote a lifestyle which minimizes barriers to the contextual understanding of the gospel.

We value high standards of stewardship

  • We challenge the CRCNA to use the human and material resources entrusted to them by God in ways that reflect God’s passion for spreading the gospel and expanding the Kingdom.
  • We follow the highest standards of integrity in dealing with the resources provided to us.
  • We promote program effectiveness.
  • We maximize ministry through partners and networks, wherever possible.

We value lifelong learning and growth

  • We promote constant growth in Christ-likeness.
  • We develop excellent skills in the ministries to which God calls us.
  • We practice creativity and innovation in ministry.
  • We balance a zeal to teach with a zeal to learn.