Enhancing and Encouraging Schools to serve students in a Christ-like way

In many Christian schools around the world, a holistic biblical worldview isn’t being applied to the classroom. There’s a lot of mistrust between school administrators and teachers. Teachers discipline students in destructive ways. Students think the only way they can serve God in their community is by becoming a pastor or other church leader.

But we want to change that. By providing teachers at international schools and developing culturally-relevant curriculum for school officials, students are learning new values that go far beyond their classroom experience.

  • Students are learning how math, geography, and art play an important role in their faith.
  • Students are becoming strong leaders that will make a positive impact in their community.
  • Students are realizing that all aspects of the world were created by God, fallen through sin, and redeemed through the Savior.


Featured Christian Education Projects and Programs:

  • Educational Care: A unique curriculum that offers 3-5 day trainings for school administrators and teachers
  • Colegio Christiano Reformado (COCREF): A network of 16 schools in the Dominican Republic that bring Christian education to primary and secondary-level students
  • CRCN Niger Classis Warari Bible School: CRWM supports the Warari Bible School in Niger State (Eastern Kambari Area) by supplementing the salaries of four teachers. Twenty-five students are presently enrolled in the Bible School, with most of them pursuing these studies to better equip them for leadership in their local churches; a few will go on for further theological studies in Bible Schools and seminaries.
  • Online education through the Evangelical University of the Americas (UNELA): Provides online learning for future ministry leaders and pastors in Costa Rica
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Study (CETI): A theological school in El Salvador that provides higher education for ministry leaders
  • Consortium for the Reinforcement of Christian Education in Haiti

“Students are realizing how God reveals Himself to us and how that plays out in purposeful action and enriched intellectual framework” -Tom Soerens, missionary in Costa Rica