Several countries in Asia have traditions and values that make them resistant to the Gospel and North American missionaries. For this reason, we do not mention the specific names of these countries or missionaries. Still, missionaries in this region profess the power of the Holy Spirit that is evident through their ministries. Since learning English is often a desired skill in these areas, missionaries often use the language teaching to find opporunities for more substantive biblical and theological training and discipleship. 

Ministry Focus

We believe that God has blessed our tradition with educational resources (biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical) for supporting the development of strong, vibrant churches.  Therefore, we seek to be a nurturing, fellowshipping presence that contributes the resources of the CRCNA to the development of the church in Asia.  We believe that the spiritual life of the CRCNA is blessed by learning about and from the church in Asia.  Therefore, we are committed to educating the CRCNA about the development of the church in Asia.