Although many countries in Central America have endured a wide array of political and economic instability, Costa Rica has enjoyed realitively prosperous and peaceful years. In turn, the country is home to a large number of established Christian leaders and organizations. 

Over the years, CRWM has come alongside these organizations and leaders, focusing on Christian education. CRWM partnered with a missions institute that eventually became the Evengelical University of the Americas (UNELA,) which is now a widely respected, self-funded University that trains missionaries, pastors, teachers, and other professionsls for service in God's Kingdom. Today, CRWM partners with UNELA, along with many other organizations that contribute to the holistic transformation of Costa Rica.

Ministry Focus

Our vision:  We long to see in Latin America a Christian Higher Education which accepts responsibility for research, teaching and building more just societies, showing signs of the New Creation of God.  We see Christians ( North and South) partnering together to make this a reality.

Our mission:  We contribute to building a learning community composed of students, practitioners and professionals, teachers, administrators and institutions in Latin America that contextualize a worldview of the Kingdom of God in the area of Christian education and in their professions, and relate to their local congregations intentionally for the transformation of their societies.