In the fall of 2015, a trickle of immigration from the Arab world to Germany suddenly became a flood as refugees from the war zone in Syria and Iraq lost patience and lost hope that there would be peace in their homeland. Now German ministry leaders are recognizing the potential ministry opportunities that have literally come to their doorsteps. Many of the refugees who are nominally or historically Muslim, having suffered much at the hands of fellow Muslims, are likely more open to the Gospel than ever before, especially as they are now outside of the social boundaries that have tied them to Islam.

 In response, CRWM began looking for the best way to partner with Germans in this important work among the wave of immigrants. In response, we have appointed David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn, who are preparing to serve in Germany in cooperation with the Berliner Stadtmission, a 137-year-old mission to Germany’s capital city. Read more about their work on their missionary web page.