Haiti is often referred to as the "poorest country in the Western Hemisphere". This label has been debilitating, influencing both the Haitian self-image, as well as the way in which the country is perceived internationally. This distorted identity distracts from the cultural wealth of the country and discourages Haiti's social and economic advancement. 

Working to restore Haiti's self-image, CRWM missionaries are working closely with local organizations to transform Haiti from within, coming alongside local ministry leaders who have a passion for creating positive change in their communities. As urbanization has continually risen after the 2010 earthquake, CRWM focuses its work in the nation's capital, Port au Prince.


Ministry Focus

CRWM’s main ministry focus in Haiti is developing the capacity of and empowering leaders to work in their churches, schools and communities. The ultimate goal is to bring about transformation in each of these areas and in the lives of individuals.