Many aspects of typical Honduran life today can be explained by one word—injustice. As violence continually rises each year, drug trafficking, gangs, and corruption have made life increasingly difficult for Hondurans, especially for young people living in this small Central American country. Still, many Hondurans have hope for the future of their country. 

CRWM is working in Honduras to empower local leaders who are working toward reversing the country's injustice. CRWM works with the Christian Reformed Church of Honduras to create and promote healthy congregations and train leaders for effective service. 

Ministry Focus

  1. Biblical Worldview: demonstrate the biblical worldview through our actions in the communities and organizations that we serve.
  2. Community Transformation: work alongside members of local communities to assess, evaluate, and implement plans for positive transformation.
  3. Cross-cultural Relations: promote and facilitate relationships between Honduran communities and international organizations or churches.
  4. Youth: help youth become agents of change in their communities