Japan is a land where ancient and modern exist side by side, traditional shrines stand next to high-tech skyscrapers. Although an economic and technologic superpower, many of the Japanese people live in spiritual darkness. While materialism and secularism are prevalent, belief in Shintoism and Buddhism permeates the Japanese worldview—only about one percent of the country's population professes Christ. 

Despite the country's general resistance to Christ, a small but vital church has been growing in Japan—the Reformed Church in Japan (RCJ). Over the years, CRWM missionaries have planted churches and discipled believers along with local pastors in the RCJ. In recent years, some missionaries have focused on mobilizing believers, teaching at Christian schools, and  training leaders. A new distinctive of CRWM's team in Japan is its presence fo Korean-American staff, giving the work a whole new dynamic.

Ministry Focus

World Missions’ workers in Japan focus on increasing Japanese churches’ capacity for mission through a variety of leadership development ministries, such as youth discipleship, leader equipping and worship enrichment. CRWM is also involved in a multiple partnership with other agencies, especially World Renew, to carry out response and recovery activities to survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3/11/2011.