In the recent past there has been unprecedented church growth in most of the African continent. More than anywhere else, this phenomenal church growth is more evident in both Eastern and Southern Africa region. However a large percentage of Christians are nominal,  and lack depth in the Word of God and have little influence on the larger society.

In Kenya, CRWM is empowering and equipping people to use their gifts to serve the Lord. CRWM uses Timothy Leadership Training and Educational Care materials to transform pastors, ministry leaders, and school teachers by developing their skills. As more and more people graduate from the programs, they are in turn teaching others about the fullness of the Gospel using a biblical worldview.

Ministry Focus:

  1. Leadership Development:  In partnership with the Timothy Leadership Training Institute, leaders are equipped with basic pastoral, teaching, and sermon preparation skills.
  2. Theological Education: CRWM assists in curriculum and library development, sending visiting lecturers, and supporting scholarships and conferences in partnership with theological institutions.
  3. Christian Education Development: CRWM partners with existing Christian schools and encourages local churches to establish Christian day schools so they can minister to this important age group.
  4. Church Planting: CRWM supports local initiatives in planting churches among unreached people groups.
  5. Department of Community Transformation: Where possible, World Missions supports partner theological institutions in developing Departments of Community Transformation where community development courses are taught.