When Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) missionaries entered Liberia in 1975, they decided to work with existing churches instead of establishing a new denomination. Outreach efforts focused on the Bassa, Liberia’s second largest ethnic group numbering 300,000 people.Together, they focused on theological education, health, and Christian literature. Direct missionary involvement in these programs ended once a civil war broke out in 1990.

However, the Christian Education Foundation of Liberia (CEFL), CRWM's indigenous partner organization, remained. Over the years and under extremely difficult circumstances, CEFL began reestablishing the ministries that CRWM and CEFL formerly did together. CEFL’s vision is to “empower member churches and all Christians to resume the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people by rehabilitating and restoring our facilities, institutions and ministries.” CRWM encourages these efforts by providing ministry grants to CEFL.