Despite waves of persecution, the Christian faith has stood the test of time in the Middle East. Minority Christians in this region have succeeded in witnessing faithfully and peacefully in this Muslim-majority context. Today, 15 million Christians live in the Middle East.

CRWM missionaries in this region stand in solidarity with Arab Christians, supporting their efforts at peaceful coexistence with the Muslim majority. They encourage Arab-Christians in their personal and professional growth, supporting and facilitating ministries of leadership development and networking. They also enable North American Christians to grow in awareness and respect for the contribution of the Middle Eastern Church, learning from its history and current experiences, especially in the area of Christian-Muslim relations.

Ministry Focus

There are four elements to our overall focus on leadership development for transformational networks:

  • Establish partnerships of mutual learning with key lay/clergy leaders;
  • Provide personal, spiritual, and professional support, and leadership training resources;
  • Promote building networks (relational and professional, local and regional) of dialogue and collaboration; and
  • Build bridges of understanding and respect between Middle Eastern and North American Churches.