When civil war ended in Nepal in 2006, so did the nation's status as a Hindu kingdom. The new, more democratic style of government has allowed for the freedom of churches and seminaries to grow and flourish. Still, many of these churches are growing faster than the leaders have been trained to lead them. In churches where pastors do serve, many of these churches are too poor to pay their pastors well, or even at all.

Responding to these needs for strong leaders and sustainable churches, CRWM missionaries in Nepal serve at the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where they strengthen ministry leaders both in their discipleship skills and in developing income projects for their future churches or ministries.

Ministry Focus

The focus of World Missions in Nepal is to help the Nepali church with basic pastoral leadership training and ministry skills development and to assist Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary. EPTS's work is focused on institutional development, faculty development, and integrated curriculum (‘integrated curriculum’ means a curriculum of courses that are tied to and build upon each other rather than merely a collected aggregate of theology courses imported from abroad. It also implies a continued focus on a culturally and ecclesiastically nuanced curriculum specialized for the Nepali context).