The devestating civil war that lasted from 1991-2002 undid much of the nation's progress in health care, education, and other social services. A few years after the war was over, local Sierra Leonean leaders realized the potential for starting a new church—a church that could meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the nation's people. 

Taking part in this word and deed ministry, CRWM and World Renew joined local leaders in developing the CRC of Sierra Leone. With much help from local Muslim neighbors who have shown amazing hospitality, this church has been flourishing. In fact, the CRCSL has grown from 36 churches and 500 believers to more than 60 churches with 5,500 people attending worship services just in the last decade. Today CRWM facilitates a partnership between the CRCSL and the CRC of Nigeria. CRWM missionaries also serve as teachers at the denomination's Christian school.

Ministry Focus

Church planting: We focus on villages that have not yet heard the Good News.

Leadership development: Indigenous leaders, clergy and laity, are being trained through quarterly leadership workshops.

Theological training: We send church leaders for further training to theological colleges in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Youth ministry: We reach out to youth and organize youth groups, including teaching and Bible studies to ensure spiritual growth and Christian character formation.

Women’s ministry: Our women’s ministry promotes evangelism and spiritual growth.

Charity/diaconal work: CRWM and local churches help children who are less fortunate with school fees and health expenses.

Mobilizing worshipping communities: We help worshipping communities acquire land for farming and building churches.

Literacy classes: We hold literacy classes to teach people how to read and write in their own language.

HIV and AIDS: We have an HIV and AIDS awareness program for youth in Koinadugu district. The district is the poorest in the country and has the highest occurrence rate for HIV and AIDS.

Ecumenical activities: We work with 18 other churches and we chair the pastor’s council.

Micro-credit program: We have created a micro-credit program for women which has a pay-back record of 98%.