Although apartheid officially ended in South Africa in 1994, the suspicion, corruption, and marginalization that the system created still affect the "rainbow nation." At the same, the need for community grows stronger every day as more and more people move to large cities. The Gauteng province is expected to be home to 20 million people by the year 2020, the majority in the key cities of Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Soweto. 

Within this urban and polarized context, CRWM is collaborating with churches, practitioners, leaders, and organizations who seek the spiritual and social renewal of the cities. Together, we are reconciling the nation in practical ways, transcending boundaries by addressing the nation's toughest challenges in unity.

Ministry Focus

1. Leadership Development: Building capacity and connect local ministry leaders using Timothy Leadership Training, Educational Care, and several other materials.

2. Strengthen and Multiply Gospel-shaped Institutions: Strengthening personal relationships between grassroots leaders and building capacity into the community-level institutions to sustain positive change.

3. Networking and Collaborating: Weaving relationships between pastors and educators as well as clusters of business people with a Gospel-shaped vision.

4. Mentoring: Developing relationships and circles that can be used to spiritually anchor community leaders.

5. Bridging: Developing reciprocal relationships across cultures (i.e. churches in North America and a community in South Africa).