As members of Christian Reformed churches, praise God for the ways you have made positive change around the world this year.

You helped bring an ordained pastor to Sierra Leone. Over the last few years, you sent a man named Maxwell Kanu (pictured, left) to the Theological College of Northern Nigeria. Now he has returned to his home country of Sierra Leone and the Church there has seen God work through him. In 2016,  Maxwell has been planting and growing a body of believers in the  spiritually-challenging area of Makeni.

You affirmed the call of new missionaries. Missionaries from the CRC felt God’s call to serve in Asia, Cambodia, Germany, Haiti, and Uganda. Positions in all five of these countries were filled in 2016. All these missionaries will all be on the field by early 2017—thanks to your prayers and financial support.

You healed wounds of ethnic conflict in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians have been displaced by the country’s conflict with Russia and feel nothing but bitterness. In 2016, your missionaries George and Sarah de Vuyst introduced a new type of workshop in Ukraine. Participants  from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds experience healing as they go through the workshop.

You helped redeem the graveyard. Missionaries often refer to Japan as a “graveyard for missionaries,” due to the sense of fierce resistance to the Gospel. But you have sent missionaries to this challenging context and the Reformed Church in Japan is seeing the fruits of your dedication to the Japanese Church. One church in the RCJ recently dedicated a brand new building that was completely funded and organized by the local congregation. 

You prayed in Kenya. In February, you volunteered to travel to Kenya for the third annual Global Prayer Safari. Teachers, pastors, and government officials were surprised to hear that volunteers from North America traveled halfway across the world to pray with and for them.