One of 1,200 eye care patients in Tijuana

“Puede ver todo” (I can see everything) were the repeated words that Calvin College’s “Knights for Sight” eye care team heard  while serving in Tijuana, Mexico. 

The team, which served with CRWM as part of Calvin’s off-campus interim course offerings, arrived in Mexico on January 9 and was hosted by CRWM’s James and Barbarita Lee. Together, they
worked with members of local churches where the Lees serve to host eye care clinics. 

“When I heard about this interim service opportunity and realized how perfectly it used both nursing and Spanish, I was very eager to participate,” said Rachel Den Haan, who is pursuing degrees in both subjects at Calvin. Along with Rachel, the team also included 17 other people including students, eye doctors, and John Ubels, professor of Biology at Calvin.

The clinics took place at six different churches, a community center, and a home for elderly men, all places in Tijuana where the Lees have been working alongside local leaders and sharing the Good News. 

Overall, the team served more than 1,200 people. Through this hands-on service, participants got to know many of the people in Tijuana and hear their stories.

“Sometimes I would meet many members of the same family, or I would hear stories about church when they were describing to me the difficulty they had in reading the Bible,” said Rachel. “I love hearing and being a part of somebody’s story—especially when I can work with them to help them see better or even just be a friend and a listening ear for a while.”

Carmen was one of those people who attended a clinic and has had difficulty reading the Bible, among many other things, for many years. “I can see Jesus! I can see Jesus,” Carmen exclaimed to James Lee. 

“When I asked her where she could see Jesus, her face brightened and smiled,” James recalls. “Now I can see Jesus in the Bible.”

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