Home Missions and World Missions will be completing this fiscal year (ending in June 2017) as two separate agencies with two separate budgets. Both agencies still have financial and ministry commitments this year, and Synod 2017 is expected to give final approval of the transition to a new mission agency. Behind-the-scenes work to bring the two agencies together is continuing, but a lot of important steps need to be completed before making the “official” transition—such as selecting a name, designing a logo, finalizing new ministry leaders, and searching for new ministry opportunities.

We see this joining as a time to work together in new ways and identify new ministry opportunities that may not have been possible before. We hope to continue current ministry and grow new ministry, and we pray that churches and individuals like you will join us in supporting that growth through your continued prayers and financial support for Home Missions and World Missions ministries.

Home Missions and World Missions have identified as opportunities to expand ministry as a result of joining together: Arab/Muslim outreach, partnering with local ministries, and diaspora ministries. 

Initative 1: Arab/Muslim/Middle East Outreach

Missionaries in the Middle East and staff in North America who work among Muslim groups have been meeting regularly to share best practices, experiences, and struggles. Together they are finding common themes and applying what they discuss for more effective ministry. 

"A meeting like this is what we have been hoping to see,” said Emad Girgis, coordinator of Children of Abraham, an outreach ministry to Muslims based at a Pentecostal church in the nearby city of Mississauga, Ontario.

“We have been praying for more churches to open themselves to a love for Muslims. The need to do this is not optional in Canada because we are seeing so many Muslims coming into this country. The harvest is huge.”

Initative 2: Partnering with Local Ministries

We recognize that grassroots ministries led by national leaders have a better understanding of the needs of their community. We see opportunities for partnership with these local organizations by complementing their strengths and working toward a common goal where possible. Mission Montreal is one such example of how this partnerhsip can work.

Mission Montreal is a partnership between Christian Direction, Christian Reformed Home Missions, Christian Reformed World Missions, Diaconal Ministries Canada, First CRC Montreal, and Classis Eastern Canada.

One of the many ministries that this partnership enables is English conversation groups. Read a story of how these groups helped a woman named Genevieve here.

Initative 3: Diaspora Ministries Outreach

Many opportunities to start new churches and ministries with people groups from different countries exist right in North America. We hope to use the gifts and knowledge that missionaries gain while living in the international mission field to more effectively reach out to immigrants from these countries who want to partner in ministry in North America. Immigrants like Pastor Siang Lian Hup.

Hailing from Myanmar, Pastor Siang Lian Hup is seeking to plant a CRC church in Indianapolis, Indiana, a city with more than 13,500 Burmese refugees. 

“These developments offer the CRC a wonderful chance to partner with a group of people who can offer us so much,” added Joel Zuidema, pastor of Pathway Church in St. John, Indiana.