Alex and Nicole at the Elevate basketball camp
Alex and Nicole at the Elevate basketball camp

A group of 80 boys stepped onto the basketball court to practice their new skills, each one proudly wearing a bright new jersey with their own names on the back. Each of the boys were orphans, but today they were just basketball players having fun.

The boys were participants in Elevate Basketball camp, a 10-week program run by high school students at Nicaragua Christian Academy.

“Every Saturday for the past three months we have gone out to the orphanage and trained eight teams in the different areas of basketball along with small devotionals to share our Christian values with them,” says Nicole. 

Nicole and Alex also connected with sponsors and supporters to get equipment for the camp. With their efforts and generous donations, God provided a professional sound system, basketballs, and the personalized jerseys that gave each game at the camp a professional feel. 

“Throughout the past few months we saw the hand of God working with us,” added Nicole. “We had 30 donors who generously donated to our cause. God provided 18 other high school students who were willing to give up their Saturday mornings to come help.”
CRWM partners with Nicaragua Christian Academy to prepare students like Nicole and Alex for service in God’s Kingdom. The school regularly connects with the Hogar Zacarias Guerra orphanage where the camp was held along with other local organizations that can use student volunteers.

“Our desire is that the students and graduates be change makers, and that they serve those around them,” said Steve Holtrop, a CRWM missionary who serves on the board at NCA.

Along with Steve, eight other missionaries serve at NCA as CRWM missionaries, including Dan Turner and Liam Starkenburg who have taught both Alex and Nicole in classes. 

"We believe that service to others is essential in the life of youth and adults who have made the decision to follow Christ's example," added Liam. "Certainly good works cannot save us, but as James reminds us, serving others brings life to our faith, transforming a simple head knowledge of salvation into the very event of God's Kingdom arriving here on earth."

Praise God for using students at NCA to reach out to the community in Managua. Pray that students will continue to find ways to use their God-given gifts for service in His Kingdom. 

If you know someone interested in serving at NCA or at another one of the Christian Schools that CRWM partners with, vist crwm.org/teaching. 

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