• December 21, 2016

    Churches Reach Out to Muslim Neighbors through Mission Montreal

    Before fleeing her home in Cameroon, Genevieve* worked as a nurse. As a refugee living in the Saint Laurent borough of Montreal, Quebec, however, Genevieve found herself unable to use her nursing skills to make a living for herself and her three children.

    Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and has a rapidly-growing population of immigrants. This provides many opportunities for Christians to be good neighbors.

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  • OCSI Students at the Christmas program
    December 16, 2016

    Students Share the Christmas Message in Okinawa, Japan

    Several hundred people gathered at a cultural center in Okinawa, Japan, to watch their children and grandchildren perform a Christmas program. This may be the only opportunity that many of these family members will have to hear the true meaning of Christmas all season.

    The Christmas program was performed by students at Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI), where CRWM’s Michael and Kim Essenburg serve. 

    The concert shared a biblical message in a country where only about one percent of people profess the Christian faith.

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  • Johnny and Gil
    December 16, 2016

    A Divine Encounter in Cambodia

    Johnny describes his first meeting with CRWM’s Gil Suh as a divine encounter.
    Before that meeting, Johnny used to be a well-known pastor at one of the largest churches in Cambodia. Then he sensed God calling him to branch out and plant a church. 

    That church plant didn’t go as well as Johnny had planned and he was losing hope in his own abilities as a ministry leader. 

    “He felt discouraged and disconnected from others,” says Gil, who has been serving as a CRWM missionary in Cambodia since the end of 2008.

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  • December 6, 2016

    5 Ways Christian Reformed Churches Impacted the Mission Field in 2016

    As members of Christian Reformed churches, praise God for the ways you have made positive change around the world this year.

    You helped bring an ordained pastor to Sierra Leone. Over the last few years, you sent a man named Maxwell Kanu (pictured, left) to the Theological College of Northern Nigeria. Now he has returned to his home country of Sierra Leone and the Church there has seen God work through him. In 2016,  Maxwell has been planting and growing a body of believers in the  spiritually-challenging area of Makeni.

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  • Carla praying in a taxi
    December 5, 2016

    Taxi Cab Prayers

    Carla’s 15-minute ride to church may be the most important part of her Sunday routine. 

    A member of Cristo Arca de Salvación church in Tijuana, Mexico, for 20 years, Carla rides a taxi to church every Sunday and strikes up a conversation with her driver.

    “She opens up the conversation by asking her driver’s names and the names of their family members,” says Abe Lee, a CRWM missionary who serves in Tijuana. 

    Naturally, most of Carla’s drivers ask why she wants this personal information. 

    “So I can bless you and your family,” Carla replies.

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