Christian Reformed World Missions invites you to participate in bringing salvation to the ends of the earth. Your contribution will allow Christian Reformed World Missions to continue its ministry in partnership with others, transforming lives and communities worldwide. 

Note: World Missions will make every effort to use your gift for the program or project to which you designate it. Gifts to programs or projects that are oversubscribed, or cannot be completed, will be directed to those that have similar intent or ministry location.

Choose one of the following convenient ways to donate:


Call or fax in your credit card donation, or mail in a check. Contact info

Electronic Fund Transfer

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) are perfect for donors wishing to make regular donations. An EFT automatically deducts a donation from your bank account or credit card each month. EFTs eliminate the need to remember to make a donation, have a short processing time, and enable CRWM to plan and budget more accurately as certain contribution amounts can be counted on each month. 
Giving through Electronic Fund Transfers is quick, accurate, and stewardly.  Thank you for considering this way of giving as you partner with Christian Reformed World Missions.

Automated Giving in Canada:

Download the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form,PDF iconca-eft-form.pdf fill in the required information and mail it to:

3475 Mainway
PO Box 5070  STN LCD 1
Burlington, ON   L7R 3Y8

Automated Giving in the US:

PDF iconusa-eft-form.pdf. Fill in the required information and mail it to:

1700 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI   49508-1407

Planned Giving

Planning a gift with Christian Reformed World Missions is a great way to maxamize your impact on the global mission field in a way that fits your specific needs. 

Gifts to support Christian Reformed World Missions can be donated in a variety of ways. As a supporter, you can make a donation through your bank account, on a credit card, with cash, and even by giving stocks.

There are many creative ways to give as well. For example, any appreciated asset—cars, land, businesses, life insurance policies and much more—can be given in a variety of ways and over varying periods of time. Here are a few more special ways to give:

Give through one of our Stewardship Partners

In the United States, we work with the Barnabas Foundation, a Christian charity that helps Christians make tax-wise decisions regarding the transfer of their financial resources, as well offering stewardship education. Barnabas offers a chart with a variety of creative ways to give to Christian Reformed World Missions through their foundation. See the chart here.

In Canada, we work with Christian Stewardship Services, a Christian charity that gives practical advice on stewardship.  They assist people with charitable giving, retirement planning, personal finances as well as estate and will planning. CSS offers variety of ways to give to Christian Reformed World Missions through their foundation on its website. See ways to give through CSS here.

Give to a special project or fund

Our Funds/Projects page highlights a variety of projects and funds that will allow you to give to a specific missionary or type of ministry of your choice. 

Begin Planning Now

To begin planning a gift for right now or for the future, contact Christian Reformed World Missions at 800-730-3490 (Canada) or 800-346-0075 (United States).